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BAMBERGER MÄLZEREI acquires Schill Malz and Rhein-Ruhr-Malz


A newly established subsidiary of BAMBERGER MÄLZEREI GmbH, Bamberg has taken over the operational activities and the facilities of Schill Malz GmbH & Co. KG and Rhein-Ruhr-Malz GmbH from the globally trading GrainCorp Malt.

BAMBERGER MÄLZEREI GmbH in Bamberg, with its subsidiary DONAU MALZ in Neuburg on the Danube, operates two malting locations with a total annual output of 100,000 tonnes of malt.

Adding in the malting locations acquired from the GrainCorp Group in Worms-Rheindürkheim and Mülheim/Ruhr, annual capacity goes up to about 220,000 tonnes of malt.

With this acquisition, BAMBERGER MÄLZEREI hopes to achieve better access to international raw materials markets and to globally operating brewing groups.  The home market will be considerably strengthened as a consequence of the decentralised structure of the four production facilities.

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Press release